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We are open Fridays and Saturdays in April, 2019 for potted peony sales.

Hours: 10 am - 5 pm. ***(Gardens and fields open by May 1st)

We start our season with 120+ varieties of peonies in containers (additional varieties are available online for fall planting). 

*Open by appointment Sundays through Thursdays in April (contact us prior to driving out, to be sure we will be available).

Our customers can view the peony fields and iris gardens, daily, May 1st through June 15, 2019 from 10 am - 6 pm. The plants are busy growing in April to put on their May/June flower show. Fresh cut peonies will be available by the stem, bouquet or bucket during bloom season. 

This spring, we have some peony plant varieties in containers that we haven't offered before, or for many years. These include: Cloud Cap, Early Canary, Etched Salmon, Hi Mabel, Kathryn Ann, Mr. Ed, Snow Swan, Sweet 16, Tinkerbell and Viking Chief. We also have many of the favorite coral, pink, red, white, yellow and variegated peonies available in containers.  

Viking Chief peony flower at Brooks Gardens           Mr. Ed peonies bloom in either color or a combination Brooks Gardens          

Transplanting peonies from containers can be done throughout the spring, summer and fall. We'll give you tips on peony planting and care. These perennial plants are easy to grow and can last a lifetime, often growing in the same garden spot for decades. 

Bare root peonies can be ordered at the farm or online. We ship these during peony root planting season in the fall (September - October). 

Plan a trip to visit our peony farm this May and June. Order peony roots online, anytime (shipped in the fall); or, stop by to pick up peony plants Fridays and Saturdays in April.

Happy gardening, 


Oregon's Hidden Peony Farm - Visit May 1 - June 15, 2019


Each May and early June our Brooks Gardens farm is alive with peony blossoms, bringing welcome smiles to visitors. We invite you to plan an outing to visit this spring to see the peony fields and iris gardens. At the farm, we sell cut flowers, potted peonies and take orders for bare root peonies to plant in the fall. You can also order bare root peony plants online now for fall planting

We are tucked away, only 1/2 mile down Topaz Street NE, Brook, OR - between Salem and Woodburn, just off of 99 E. You can't see our farm from the highway; follow the signs to the gem at the end of the road. Along the way, you'll likely see berry fields, wheat, grass seed crops or a field of cauliflower or green beans. Visitors enjoy getting out to the country and seeing the various crops in the area, as well as the view of Mt. Hood along the short drive from 99 E. 

We'll be open from 10 am - 6 pm daily from May 1 - June 15, 2019 (we'll adjust the open dates if we have an earlier or later spring than usual). Get Directions.  Want to pick up potted peonies now? Open 10 am - 4 pm on Saturdays in March and April - or email us for appointment. Gardens open May 1st. 

Here are some photos from our farm - to give you an idea of what to see on your visit. 


Find us on Facebook and Instagram @brooksgardens

Brooks Gardens, the hidden Oregon peony farm & iris garden located at 6219 Topaz Street NE, Brooks (or Salem), Oregon, 97305.

We are just over one mile north of Brooks, OR (between Woodburn and Salem, off of 99 E); 30 minutes south of Tualatin, Wilsonville and Canby, OR. About 40 minutes south of Portland, OR.

Are you wanting fresh cut peony flowers for your spring wedding or special event? Or, a bouquet or bunch of peony stems for yourself or a friend?

For pricing and May/June availabilty, contact us at

There is no other flower like a peony blossom, filled with layers of beautiful, soft petals; wafting with peony perfume; and, long lasting as a cut flower. Peonies have a long vase life and are perfect choices for bridal bouquets and floral arrangements.

Peony flowers adorn bridal bouquets, weddings and receptions. They can be the perfect choice for decorating bridal and baby showers; and, are a great choice for dinner parties and a host of formal or casual events. Who would'nt want to receive a bunch of peonies as a hostess gift?

peony flower bunches and bouquets Oregon Brooks Gardens

Fresh cut peony flowers are seasonal - they are available from approximately early May through mid - June in Oregon. Weather affects the timing of their availability, with some seasons a bit earlier or later, year to year.

cut peony flowers Brooks Gardens, Oregon

We sell cut peony stems in bulk and small quantities at our farm (located between Salem and Portland). Local florists and DIY floral designers can pre-order budded peony stems; or, when in a pinch, stop by during peony season and we can often cut fresh for you that day. We also have grab and go bouquets and buckets of fresh cut peonies (budded or open) for you to select from at the farm.

Peonies are available in blush, coral, pink, red, white and mixed colors. Being flexible on shades of colors allows more choices. 

Demand for peony flowers is strong. It's best to pre-order large quantities for pick up at our farm (we do not ship cut peonies). 

Contact us for details on ordering fresh cut peonies. We'll give you tips on opening the buds for the best impact on your big day.  

We grow a number of peonies that continue to be popular with gardeners year after year. Peonies like 'Red Charm' and 'Coral Charm' make it on the top ten 'favorite peonies' list every year. They both produce large, striking flowers. We offer both in our 2019 bare root peony catalog

Several other top choices are 'Bess Bockstoce' (a true, medium pink); 'Lemon Dream' (yellow with purple stippling); 'Lois' Choice' (a unique blend of pinks and yellows); and, 'Myrtle Gentry' (blush pink with a most wonderful fragrance). 

We often sell out of them during our spring bloom season. I am excited that we have them available in our Brooks Gardens 2019 online peony root catalog. While it's a long ways until our peony root shipping season next fall; I wanted to give you a heads up if you've had your eye on any of these. It's best to order your favorite peonies early, as so many varieties sell out during the year.

Take a look at our peony catalog to find these beautiful garden peony varieties and so many more. It's never too early to order your 1st choice in peony plants. 

 Bess Bockstoce pink peony  Coral Charm peony  Lois' Choice unique peony          Lemon Dream yellow Itoh peony   Myrtle Gentry most fragrant peony  Red Charm favorite red peony

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas holiday season, 


Our Brooks Gardens 2019 peony root catalog is now online. Pre-order for best selection of choice varieties. 

New additions include 'Adrienne', 'Carina', 'La Perle' and 'Walter Faxon'. You'll find Itoh, fragrant, upright and old fashioned heirloom peonies in our catalog.

Our peony descriptions will highlight fragrance, color, height; peony season bloom time; and, whether they are upright (no staking needed). 

Adrienne peony flower, Niva        Carina peony flower at Brooks Gardens Oregon farm       La Perle heirloom old fashioned peonies at Brooks Gardens Oregon peony farm      Walter Faxon pink peony Brooks Gardens Oregon peony farm

Take a look and find something special for your garden.

These will ship in the fall of 2019, prime time for bare root peony planting.

Thank you for taking a look and your support of family farms. 

Peony dividing, planting season coming soon

I can’t believe it’s nearing mid-August and getting close to peony dividing season. We’ll be in full swing later this month digging and processing 2018 orders.  Shipping will be throughout September and October – and into early December for those who want to plant later in the fall. Autumn is the perfect time to plant bare root peonies. We provide planting tips with all orders, so you will be successful growing these exquisite flowers.

Once we dig and divide the peony roots we’ll update our catalog with additional quantities and varieties. Sometimes we have a few extra of the rare or specialty peonies available, so take a glance at our online peony catalog now and then.

A wonderful peony bloom season this spring

Record breaking crowds visited our farm and were enthralled with all the flowers in the peony fields. Our iris gardens are a huge hit, too, with the gigantic wisteria and dozens of tree peonies being top photo spots. Thank you to all of our farm visitors and online customers – we appreciate you!


Being awarded the American Peony Society ‘Grand Champion’ for our entry ‘Lavon’ was such an honor this past May. 

Want to Grow More Peonies?

Take a look at our peony root catalog to order and grow your own award winning peonies. One can never have too many beautiful, fragrant peonies.

I think peonies every month of the year - dividing, planting, tilling, fertilizing, lusting after, cutting, arranging, storing, shipping, weeding, hoeing, ordering more; well, the list goes on and on. 

This July I keep the potted peony plants watered more often than usual with afternoon temperatures in the high 80's to high 90's. I like to have just a bit of moisture in my container peonies between waterings. I water them heavy one day; and lightly the next day or two - it's working out perfectly. 

If you wait until you see plant leaves stressed and wilting, then you are at the cusp of having waited too long. Some plants are a bit forgiving, like peonies. The size of the container and the type of potting soil determines how often and how much water to give. Check to see that there is some moisture in the container.

Our field peonies are getting a bit of water, too. The baby peonies always need a bit more attention with water; although the old cutting stock only needs a drink now and then.

Track the weather with your peony plants. You can compare the weather from year to year if you track the date seed pods crack open on a particular variety; or, when the foliage starts looking raggedy. The plants here are still vibrant and green; although the early species peonies are already showing off their ripe seed. One more thing to do - collect that seed.

I have seen foliage die back early some summers - particularly if they bloomed earlier than usual in the spring. Don't panic if you experience that - they are just going dormant earlier, too. The roots will still be healthy and viable for next springs' blooms. You can trim the stems down anytime they start to look raggedy.

When it's too hot to tend our fields and gardens in July's afternoon heat, it's the perfect time to browse online peony catalogs for your next beauties. After all, peony root shipping is just weeks away. Can you believe that? We've recently updated our peony catalog with a few additions including Paeonia officinalis 'Alba Plena' and 'Frances Willard'. 

Oh, one more thing - I still have a bucket of peony flowers in a refrigerator. I open it up now and then to take a peak (and cool down). Shockingly, they are still gorgeous. With any luck at all, I will have a vase of blooms for an August 5th family gathering. They were cut prior to the American Peony Society floral exhibit in May. How's that for peonies in July?