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We grow peonies and offer a large variety for your garden. You may order peony roots throughout the year - they are shipped in the Fall beginning September 1st, prime time for planting bare root peonies.

We have specialized in growing these magnificent plants since 2000. We dig and divide fresh stock each fall, offering 3 - 5 eye peony roots for a robust start.

It wasn't always all about peonies. In the 1980's I farmed raspberries, pumpkins, nursery stock, conifers and also started a mail order Christmas Holiday wreath business. Peonies replaced the other crops in 2000.

Our enthusiasm for growing peonies has accumulated into over 350 varieties of these gorgeous flowers. We've come a long ways since we hand hilled our first acre of peonies (walking up and down each side of the stringed 'rows', shoveling soil one scoop at a time to build the hills).

Our rich Willamette Valley soil produces excellent bare root stock, with most 1 year plants producing a blossom the first year (yes, sometimes it takes two years).  We want our customers to be successful in growing their plants and take the time to show and tell our customers how to plant and care for their peonies. All root orders come with planting and care tips. 

We select and grow many upright peony plant varieties as well as some of the most outstanding fragrant varieties. Newer American hybrid peonies join the old fashioned heirloom peonies that have thrilled gardeners for decades. We search out new varieties of peonies to grow and propagate for your garden flower beds and landscapes. Our love for peonies and new varieties is endless. 

Our selections include herbaceous (bush) peonies and Itoh intersectional peonies (a cross between a bush peony and a tree peony). We grow over 40 varieties of the Itoh intersectional peonies, which have an outstanding growth habitat - never needing staking. They are also prolific bloomers with flowers not only on the top of the plant; but, filled with blossoms on all sides. Our peonies are available in a multitude of flower styles, colors and fragrances.

Potted peony plants, iris rhizomes, cut peonies and bouquets are for sale at the farm nursery during the May/June bloom season.  

We have a lot of fun each bloom season and enjoy seeing and hearing our customers share their delight with the success of their peonies. Growing peonies is rather simple; we'll show you how.

We were thrilled to receive the Grand Champion and Best in Show awards for 'Bob' at the 2011 American Peony Society floral exhibit. We also received Court of Honor awards for 'Ave Maria' in 2013, and 'Coral Supreme' in 2012. 

Browse our online peony catalog to order bare root plants. 2017 orders will be shipped starting September 1st and throughout the fall. Potted peonies available at the farm during the spring. 


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Plant It PeoniesTM 2002. Brooks Gardens is an Oregon peony farm nursery located at 6219 Topaz Street, NE, Brooks, OR 97305, off of 99 E. Just minutes north of Salem, OR; 35 - 40 minutes south of Portland, OR.