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Our peony roots have 3-5 eyes (or more). Bare root peony plants are freshly dug and shipped throughout the fall months (September, October, November). 

Your satisfaction is important to us; please contact us at 503-393-7999 or if there is a quality problem and we will replace the peony plant/root stock or refund your purchase price. 

Peonies grow in USDA zones 2-8.

Shipping   Bare root peony plants are shipped to U.S. and Canadian addresses via USPS throughout the fall months. Ordering early reserves your choice varieties for delivery between mid-September and mid-October. Roots are shipped in natural packing to ensure freshness. Contact us for shipment to other countries. 

Shipping rates to U.S. addresses

1 - 3 roots/plants: $12.00  USPS Priority

4 - 6 roots/plants: $14.75 USPS Priority

7 - 10 roots/plants: $18.00 USPS Priority

11 - 15 roots/plants: $24.75 USPS Priority

16 - 25 roots/plants: $38.00  USPS Priority

26 - 36 roots/plants: $50.00  USPS Priority

37 - 50 roots/plants: $65.00   USPS Priority

Contact us for larger shipments.  

Shipping rates to Canada:

1-6 roots: $135.00, includes Phytosanitary certificate.

7-10 roots: $145.00, includes Phytosanitary certificate.

11-15 roots: $155.00, includes Phytosanitary certificate.

16-20 roots: $165.00, includes Phytosanitary certificate.

 email Brooks Gardens   

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Payment is processed at the time of order placement to reserve your peony plants/roots. Peony plants/roots are shipped only in the Fall, during the digging season.

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