Peony Reviews

"I received your peony roots in perfect order, and they look great. They are in the ground and I look forward to years and years of beautiful flowers. Thanks again." ~Laura D., OR, 2017. 

"I received my plants again - as I am a repeat customer - they are the highest quality and I always know they will be wonderful! I appreciate working with someone so personable and trustworthy! I will be planting all day! The roots look great! Thanks, Your customer for years to come." 
~Rosemary F., IN, 2017

"Wow, Brooks Gardens! I just received my peony roots and they are amazingly large and healthy. There are so many eyes! I can't wait until spring."
~Lisa R., OH, 2017

"To anyone who loves peonies and is thinking of starting or expanding their peony garden, Brooks Peonies is not only the best peony farm to purchase your peony roots from they are the only ones I will buy from. Great personal service from Therese, fair pricing, highest quality roots and they arrive safe!!!!!"
~Ed H.,TX, 2017

"Great plant, can't wait til spring."
~E.M., OH, 2017

"Nice sized, healthy roots."
~K.W., NY, 2017

"Excellent care of plant and packaging."
~J.S. IN, 2017

"High quality roots. Will always buy from before anyone else."
~W.B., WI, 2017

"Thanks for the beautiful peony roots!!! Well packaged, arrived in excellent condition."
~M.H., MN, 2017

"My last order looked very healthy; am very pleased and excited!"
~B.D., KY 2017

"Belated thanks for the beautiful peony root!!!!!!!! and especially on how you packaged it with so much soil around it! The root arrived very healthy with lots of eyes on it. I look forward to watching it grow and hope in two to three years it will add considerable beauty to my yard."
~E. H., TX, 2016

"Virtually all of the peony roots we purchased from you and planted in the fall of 2015 bloomed this spring. Followed your planting tips and we are very pleased with the wonderful results."
~J.E., WA, 2016

"The potted peony I purchased in 2015 and transplanted last fall has 12 flowers this spring. I love your peonies and want more."
~M.A., OR, 2016

"One of the peony roots I ordered in 2015 did not grow. I contacted Therese and she apologized; and offered to send a replacement in the fall. Amazing customer service."
~J. O., NC, 2016

"Enjoyed visiting your farm and appreciated the time and tips you shared on growing peonies. It's so nice to get some expert advice."
~D.B., OR, 2016

"The roots I received are very impressive. We love your peonies and keep buying more each year."
~K.S., NE, 2015

"Very large roots, great prices and customer service."
~K.I., VA, 2015

"Nice, beautiful roots, will bloom next year. Healthy. Awesome!"
~P.C., OK, 2015

"Very good sized root, thank you." T. V., MA, 2015 "Thank you for the great service. Your instructions are perfect."
~R.W., OR 2015

"Thanks for the great looking roots; they will bloom next year."
~R.L., NC, 2015

"Just wanted you to know that the peonies I got from you last year - Julia Rose, Pastel Splendor and Sconce Red are doing really well and the flowers are GORGEOUS!!! I was pleasantly surprised because I'm here in the northern California drought and some things are suffering; but, not those them!!!"
~S.L., CA 2015

"Received my order yesterday and these are some of the most robust and healthy looking peonies I've ever gotten. Many thanks."
~C.W., NY, 2014

"Bought Lemon Dream peony. Thanks, you all are fantastic - love visiting your farm."
~N.S., OR, 2014

"Second year for my peony purchases and they are BEAUTIFUL!!!"
~D.T., OR, 2014

"The potted peony plants we bought at your farm last year had 8 and 12 blooms this year, after only one year in the ground. Your plants are fabulous. We are back for more."
~M.J., OR, 2014

"Wow! Thank you so much for your prompt reply and shipping. In all my years of ordering on line your company has been the most prompt. I shall be looking out for my peony order this Saturday."
~S.L., CA, 2013

"You guys were great to do business with. The package arrived well cared for and carefully packed. Thank you for including peony planting instructions/they came in handy and have been safely stored for the spring thaw. Take care and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future."
~A.F., NY, 2013

"Thank you for the shipment of the 10 Coral Sunset peonies which arrived in this afternoon's mail. The divisions were in great condition and very generously sized. You have provided the best service as well as super plants! Thanks so much."
~M.H., WA, 2013

"We just placed an order for your peonies.  We saw these during a visit to your farms in May.  We are ordering from you as we really enjoyed the time you took with us. We also got great explanations about ITOH which is what we ordered.  We do plan to visit you again next year."
~E & M. H., OR, 2013

"All four of last years peonies bloomed the first spring I had them. Thanks."
~T.T., GA, 2013

"I am so happy I found your site - it’s personable and you have award winning peony plants. You responded quickly to address my questions and concerns.  You offer a larger peony root than other farms – the Cora Louise root I received is a large root."  
~B.A., North Carolina

"My shipment of 3 peonies arrived two days ago--beautifully packed and in perfect shape. The roots look so very strong and healthy-- I wanted to write and thank you for your fine service. I know we shall have many years of gorgeous blooms---and I've already started my wish list for next fall's new order!"  
~S.S., Vermont

"The peonies I purchased from Brooks Gardens are thriving and blooming the first year! I am so happy." 
~D.E., OR

"Your plants are so healthy; I bought five last year and am back for five more - I love that peonies are low maintenance plants." 
~J.H., OR

"Your peony plants are top quality, and you have the best customer service. I am delighted to do business with you."
~R.W., OR

"My peony "Lavender" arrived in perfect condition.  I was bowled over by the root size and number of eyes!  Thank you for such a generous division.  I am looking forward to the possibility of a breathtaking bloom in the Spring."
~J. F., Washington

"We are beside ourselves with the size and quality of the peony roots. Thank you so much! You have made us customers for life!! We are super excited, Some went in the ground today and the rest will go in tomorrow. Again, thank you for taking such good care of us! We are fans of Brooks Gardens!!!"  
~A. R., Minnesota