What's Blooming Today in the Peony Field?

Well, we are still waiting for all of the early peonies to bloom; it won't be long. After two 80+ degree days and drizzles today, they will be popping open over the weekend. 

The species peonies, such as P. mlokosewitschii, obovata and villosa have been blooming for some time, as well as the fern leaf varieties. Honor, Athena, Campagna, Nosegay, Roy Pehrson's Best Yellow, Rosea Plena, Serenade, Silver Dawn Mix, Sugar 'n Spice and a few seedlings are blooming, too.

Making just the perfect peony bouquet yesterday, I was able to cut some loose buds of Abalone Pearl, Carina, Coral Sunset, Prairie Moon, Red Charm and a few more. I am just waiting for those Coral Sunsets next week. That Grandma in Arizona is going to love it when her grand kids step off the plane with it. 

Coral Sunset peony flower  Red Charm peony  

Stop by for a bouquet or potted peonies today - and spread the word that the peonies are arriving!  

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