The Peonies are Here!!

Here come the peonies! Looking at the peony fields with all the budded stems, it is hard to believe that over 60 varieties are already blooming. There will be many varieties popping open this week and the following weeks – sun is on the horizon!

Brooks Gardens Peony & Iris Bloom Status

There is a four week swing in bloom time from 2016 to this year. Last year we had the earliest peony bloom season on record, peaking May 5th.  This year we were cooler and the bloom is about a week later than normal. We expect peak bloom in late May, which is more usual than the past two years. With lots of sun and warmth about to arrive in western Oregon in the next week, there will be different peony varieties opening daily for the next few weeks. Our historic iris garden has come alive with flowers and the sweet scent will greet you as you wander the pathways.

Our Secluded Peony Farm

We were blessed to have cut peonies for Mother’s Day weekend and puzzled when one of our Facebook followers said she stopped by and there were no bouquets. Turns out several folks went to a neighboring peony garden and thought they were here. As Brooks, OR is the peony & iris capital of Oregon, I remind folks that we are the ‘hidden’ peony farm, tucked out of sight from the highway. Driving here is a short adventure, and while we are only ½ mile down Topaz Street, the seclusion fills visitors with delight upon arrival. Follow the purple signs in the area. Directions to Brooks Gardens.

Those Itoh Peonies are In Their Glory

Many of the Itoh intersectional peonies are blooming this week, including Berry Garcia, Border Charm, Callie’s Memory, Canary Brilliants, Chief Black Hawk, Cora Louise, Hillary, Julia Rose, Lemon Dream, Luxuriant, Magical Mystery Tour, Old Rose Dandy and Sequestered Sunshine (fitting name for Oregon gardens). These peonies (a bush peony with a tree peony parent) come in amazing colors ranging from stark white, dark red, bright yellow and blends of orange, pink, cream and reds.

Herbaceous Peonies

The mid-season herbaceous varieties are now joining the peony festival of blossoms including many of the early corals, reds and yellows. Lemon Chiffon is in all it's glory! 

Visit Our Peony Fields and Iris Garden

Stop by and see what’s in bloom today. We have many of the varieties on display in our flower tents. Cut flowers and peony plants for sale; or, order bare root for fall planting. Open daily through June 10, 2017; 10 PM – 6 PM.

Brooks Gardens is located at 6219 Topaz Street NE, Brooks, Oregon, 97305. We are just over 1 mile north of Brooks, OR (between Woodburn and Salem, off of 99 E).

From Portland area take I-5 south to exit 263; exit left (east); 1 mile to Brooks; turn left (north) at stop light.  About 40 minutes south of Portland and 30 minutes south of Tualatin, Wilsonville and Canby, OR. Follow the purple peonies & iris signs.

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