New Peony Book Now Available through Amazon Kindle eBooks

'Peonies - 200 Garden Varieties' - an e-Book of Peony Flowers

I recently published an e-book of 200 peony varieties, showcasing the various flower forms and colors of these magnificent flowers. 

The book idea was formulated in my mind some years ago. Like a peony seed, it sprouted, continued to grow; and, finally, it bloomed. ‘Peonies – 200 Garden Varieties’ is now available through Amazon. 

I initially created a printed prototype and shared a few copies with colleagues and friends for input. Then I decided to test the waters with an e-book, as so many folks use phones, tablets and computers for all types of reading.

Creating a peony book for non-gardeners, as well as for peony growers and gardeners is the route I took. As I point out in the book, there is a wealth of information available on the internet, peony websites and in printed books on the history, propagation, growing & care, physiology and medicinal uses of peonies. While I offer some simplified information on peonies at the back of the book, this book is intended for sheer browsing pleasure.

It’s for people who love peonies, whether they grow them or not. It’s for peony farmers to be able to show their customer a photo of a peony. It’s for peony gardeners who want to compare flower forms and colors, perhaps finding a new favorite variety. It’s for people who live in apartments, don’t have a garden, can’t garden or live in a climate where peonies don’t thrive. It’s intended for all peony lovers.

While my goal is to also offer a printed version in the future, I am fascinated with the reading/browsing experience of the e-book. You can easily adjust the layout for your best viewing experience.

Don’t have an e-reader? You can download the free Amazon Kindle App to read/browse on a phone, tablet or computer. Adjusting the font size or page width allows for viewing 12 or more peonies at the same time – great for comparison. Very easy to figure out - Amazon Kindle offers simple instructions for reading e-books on a variety of devices. Look for their 'Read on Any Device' box under the book cover. 

Find 'Peonies - 200 Garden Varieties' at Amazon Kindle e-Books. 

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