Most Popular Peonies are Available in our 2019 Peony Root Catalog

Most Popular Peonies are Available in our 2019 Peony Root Catalog

We grow a number of peonies that continue to be popular with gardeners year after year. Peonies like 'Red Charm' and 'Coral Charm' make it on the top ten 'favorite peonies' list every year. They both produce large, striking flowers. We offer both in our 2019 bare root peony catalog

Several other top choices are 'Bess Bockstoce' (a true, medium pink); 'Lemon Dream' (yellow with purple stippling); 'Lois' Choice' (a unique blend of pinks and yellows); and, 'Myrtle Gentry' (blush pink with a most wonderful fragrance). 

We often sell out of them during our spring bloom season. I am excited that we have them available in our Brooks Gardens 2019 online peony root catalog. While it's a long ways until our peony root shipping season next fall; I wanted to give you a heads up if you've had your eye on any of these. It's best to order your favorite peonies early, as so many varieties sell out during the year.

Take a look at our peony catalog to find these beautiful garden peony varieties and so many more. It's never too early to order your 1st choice in peony plants. 

 Bess Bockstoce pink peony  Coral Charm peony  Lois' Choice unique peony          Lemon Dream yellow Itoh peony   Myrtle Gentry most fragrant peony  Red Charm favorite red peony

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas holiday season, 


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