Looking Forward to Peony Dividing and Planting Season

Looking Forward to Peony Dividing and Planting Season

In just a few weeks we'll start digging and dividing fresh peony roots for the fall planting season. We look forward to being able to provide freshly dug peony roots that will likely outlive you and bloom for a lifetime.

Our roots are robust with at least 3 'eyes', many with 4 or more. About 70% of our first year roots will produce a blossom or two the first spring in your garden.  

Once we process a number of varieties, we'll start shipping all of the peony root orders around the middle of September. The bulk of orders will be shipped from mid-September through the first week of October. 

We will continue to accept orders and ship throughout the fall months, as supplies last. 

If you have your eye on a particular peony, now is the time to order (many varieties will sell out by late September).  

We also have potted peonies for sale at the farm by appointment only. I will post some open dates to pick up peony plants in September/October. 

It's not too early to get those planting spaces spaded up for your fall planting. Planting tips will be included with each peony order. 

Browse our available peony root varieties in our online catalog

Check out information on planting and growing peonies in our Peony FAQ's under our peony Planting & Care tab at the top of our website home page. 

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