American Peony Society Grand Champion 2018 - 'Lavon'

American Peony Society Grand Champion 2018 - 'Lavon'

American Peony Society 2018 Best in Show/Grand Champion 

Brooks Gardens team is proud to have received the Best in Show/Grand Champion award for the peony 'Lavon' at the American Peony Society's floral competition May 27, 2018.

Cutting, storing, prepping and entering peonies in competition can be intimidating, rewarding and fun all at the same time. It takes a great team of volunteers to select the promising flowers on the prep tables, tag them and set them on the exhibit tables. We had a terrific group helping; and, while some buds were too loose or too tight to garner an award, we decided to place as many varieties as we could, to help fill up the showroom. Some flowers might not dazzle at the moment of judging; but, would be sure to thrill later that afternoon or the next day, as visitors compared one beauty with next. Viewing so many varieties in one room is a treat to any peony lover.  

Thank you to all who helped in so many ways! The APS is filled with wonderful people, so willing to help each other out. The exhibit room brimmed with entries from peony growers and gardeners, giving us all a chance to see many varieties for the first time. 

Cheers and Tears All Around!

The award was even sweeter with the opportunity to share our victory with Don Hollingsworth, the hybridizer of 'Lavon' (1993). He was in attendance and so proud to see his creation earn the APS's high honor in the floral exhibit. It was like a belated birthday gift for his recent 90th birthday! Lavon's son Kent was also in attendance and overjoyed with his Mother's namesake peony being selected. Such a delight, all the way around!

Stop by our farm this week to see 'Lavon' and other peonies on display - you just might find a winner for your garden. 

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