When and How to Plant a Potted Peony

June 9, 2013

The peony field still has a number of peonies in bloom to get a look at the colors and flower forms of the late blooming peonies. Our display of cut peonies in the tents gives you a quick look at many of the early, mid and late season peonies that are available to purchase in pots or to order for fall planting. We also have our peony photo posters showing many of the varieties we grow. 

Potted peonies transplant now or in the fall; and bare root peonies are planted in the fall. When transplanting a potted peony, be sure to remove the plant from the pot and place the plant into your prepared planting hole. Roots cannot grow through a plastic pot.

Select a sunny, well drained location for your peony plants.  Dig a planting hole about 18” by 18” deep and wide; and, then fill the hole with spaded soil (the soil you removed from the hole). Scoop out enough of the spaded soil to set your plant into, taking care that the peony root is only 1” to 2” below the surface of your ground. Don’t bury your peony stems deeper than they were in the pot.  Peonies do not like to be planted deeply: if they are, you may get lovely foliage; but, not much bloom.

Come on out and ask us how to plant peonies – we’ll be happy to share planting and care tips with you.  

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