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May 16, 2013

A couple of days ago while I slipped away from the farm to run errands, my sister Annie and daughter Monica got to have all the fun of greeting & meeting people, cutting peony flowers and selling plants. Mom (Delma) was here, too.  A visitor stopped by and painted a beautiful miniature water-color of some of the flowers in the garden. She then gifted it to Mom – how sweet is that?

Artists occasionally set up their easel in the gardens or field and paint – it’s always a treat to watch them work and to see their beautiful creations.  I have trouble drawing a recognizable ‘stick figure’, so am captivated by their talent. 

The peonies are coming into peak bloom in the coming week or so.  The cool weather will be keeping the late varieties at bay for awhile, so there should be plenty of bloom through May and early June. Lots of the blush and white peonies are opening and ‘White Cap’ peony with its rose fragrance is captivating.

Janice Person, a farm blogger, happened by our farm last weekend and posted this on her blog:   Wow! We appreciate it.

Today we enjoyed the pleasure of a visit from Al Rogers and his daughter Robin. Al and his late wife Dot farmed peonies in Sherwood, Oregon for over 20 years and Al wrote the Timber Press book ‘Peonies’.  It is our favorite peony book. We shared a few laughs and some peony conversation. 

Brooks Gardens peony farm & iris garden is just north of Salem, Oregon; I-5 exit 263; one mile east to Brooks, Oregon; turn left/north onto 99E, one mile to Topaz Street.  We are a short 35-40 minute drive south of Portland, Oregon. 

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