Good Times at Brooks Gardens Peony Farm

May 13, 2013

What a delightful day Mother’s Day was at Brooks Gardens. My Mom comes out to the farm most days to greet customers and enjoys the camaraderie that goes on. Lot of folks came out to enjoy looking at the flowers and join in the fun of a visit to the country.

The day was splendid with lots of peony and iris bloom for Mother’s Day visitors. You see, sense and hear the joy and excitement of people as they view the fields and gardens and spot yet another of their favorites. 

When you have a seasonal business, such as a flower farm, you are always thinking of new marketing strategies. One of our daughter’s and a niece rented a table at a community college ‘spring faire’ last week. They excitedly anticipated selling bouquets. Well, as some great ideas go, this one just didn’t pan out. Tucked in a back room, they had virtually no foot traffic, and very little sales in 4-5 hours. Then they did what many an entrepreneur would do - they gave away their product. One bouquet went to the elderly couple at the restaurant they had lunch in. Another went to the restaurant. One was dropped off at a business. Some of the folks they offered a free bouquet to, were weary of accepting something from a stranger; so, they carefully placed a few on car windshields. Each had a business card attached. The girls felt a bit defeated; but, happy to share the flowers.

Yesterday, my sister Annie spotted a couple from her church and went to greet them. They were surprised to see her, as they didn’t know of her connection to our farm.  They shared their story of how they came to find us and it just warmed our hearts. Her friends’ son had found a bouquet on his car and gave it to his mom, who put in a vase to enjoy. She stopped by to visit and asked where she got those beautiful peonies. Her friend handed her our card that the girls left with the flowers. She just had to drive out to see this peony farm. The story made us all smile. Then another lady came and mentioned one of the businesses she stopped at earlier in the week had a gorgeous bouquet of peonies and our card…. the girls were successful in their endeavor; just not as they had originally planned. You go, girls!

We sell wrapped peony bouquets, ready to go; and also have a big tub of cut peonies that customers can select from to create their own bouquet. Seeing their thrill in selecting the perfect flowers is priceless.

We will be enjoying this cooler weather – come by and join us!  We have tremendous bloom this week.

Attached are some photos from Mother’s Day: Bob peony; Strawberry Wine peony; some of our potted peonies that are for sale at Brooks Gardens and a photo of some of the field peonies.  'Bob' peony is one of our favorites and it honored us 'Best in Show/Grand Champion' awards at the 2011 American Peony Society floral exhibit.

Brooks Gardens is an Oregon peony farm located just north of Salem, Oregon; one mile north of Brooks, Oregon off of 99E; just 35-40 minutes south of Portland, Oregon.  I-5 exit 263, east to Brooks. 
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