Peony & Iris farm opens Wednesday, May 1st

Our Brooks Gardens peony farm and iris gardens open May 1st for the 2013 bloom season.  We have more peonies blooming this year during opening week compared to previous years. The warmer spring we've enjoyed is producing some beautiful flowers, with some full/double varieties opening a week or more early (Red Charm). The Coral Charms are not far behind.

The peonies that are in bloom today include: Athena, Campagna, Double Fernleaf, Honor, Little Red Gem, Rosea Plena, Roy Pherson's Best Yellow, Rubra Plena, Salmon Dream, Serenade and Silver Dawn Mix. The tree peonies in the gardens are coming on and are as magnificent as always. Iris are starting to bloom as well.

We'll have ample cut flowers, peony bouquets and potted peonies to start the season off. You can also order peony root stock for fall planting. The potted peonies can be transplanted now or in the fall.  Lots of budded pots, ready to bloom for you this spring. 

Here's how the 'Wisteria Gone Wild' and 'Leda' tree peony are looking today - come on out and take a look!


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