Re-blooming Peonies are a Rare Delight

August 9, 2012

We have raised peonies commercially for nearly 12 years and have had perhaps 5 different varieties produce a beautiful blossom or two in July or August. It is a fluke, not something to expect of a peony plant.

Today is August 9th and my husband announced that a Callie’s Memory intersectional peony plant in a two gallon nursery pot is sporting a full bloom. Spectacular! If we could only figure out what produces the re-bloom, a whole new peony market would evolve.

Last summer we had a Coral Charm in the peony field re-bloom in late July.  A few of our garden tree peonies have also sported a mid-summer blossom or two over the years.  On the rare occasions this has happened, each blossom was fully developed and as beautiful as a peony in May/June.

Too bad we don’t have two different varieties reblooming at the same time – for a hybridizing challenge.  It would be so cool to have a few peony varieties that would consistently bloom in the heat of summer. For now, we will settle for enjoying the rare treat when it occurs.


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