What’s not to Love about Itoh Intersectional Peonies?

These bush peonies are abundant bloomers with very pleasant fragrances. We love the ones that have lemony fragrances and find that almost every variety of intersectional peony has a heavenly scent.  They have the finest qualities peony plants offer: gorgeous flowers, upright plant habitat that never needs staking; and, like all herbaceous peonies, they can thrive in the same garden spot for years (even decades) without needing to be divided. They offer a range of colors not found in other bush peonies. 

They are a hybrid cross between a bush peony and a tree peony, thus the name ‘intersectional’.  They are often referred to as Itoh peonies, after the first successful breeder of this type of peony, Mr. Toichi Itoh.   

Peony hybridizers continue to introduce new varieties of these stunning plants with big, intriguing flowers and serrated foliage reminiscent of their tree peony parent. They are prolific bloomers and stately landscape plants. It is not unusual to enjoy 50 - 75 blossoms on a single mature plant.

Like all the gorgeous bush peonies, they are perennial plants and come back year after year. What’s not to love about these peonies?

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