When and Where to Plant Peonies

When do I plant peonies? Plant bare root peonies in the fall (September through November is prime peony planting time). Peonies from containers or pots can be transplanted in the fall or spring.

Where should I plant my peonies? Plant a peony in a sunny, well drained location. Peonies need a half day or more of sun to bloom well. They love full sun, although a bit of shade can be beneficial, adding to the vibrancy of the flowers. Space peonies about 30” to 36” apart, to allow good air circulation between plants. Peonies thrive in USDA zones 2 - 8 and some gardeners have great success in zone 9. 

The soil may not need to be amended. Peonies grow well in decently drained clay soils. We grow our peony root stock in rich, well drained clay soil. Don't be afraid to try a peony plant in unamended clay soil. You may amend the soil; but, it often isn't necessary. Good drainage is important. You can plant peony roots in 'hills' for increased drainage. 

For additional information on growing and caring for peonies, check out our Peony FAQ.

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