What are Itoh or Intersectional Peonies?

Itoh intersectional peonies are a hybrid cross between a bush peony and a tree peony. They are technically intersectional peonies and are often referred to as Itoh (Ee-toe) peonies, after the original hybridizer of these exotic looking flowers. In the mid-20th century, Mr. Toichi Itoh was the first successful breeder of these peonies. There are now dozens of these varieties available and new introductions continue, as peony hybridizers share their successes with the world.  

They are herbaceous, perennial bush peonies. They grow each spring, produce exceptional flowers, have lovely foliage throughout the summer and are cut back to ground level in the fall. 

The flowers and foliage are reminiscent of their tree peony parent - big, exotic flowers and serrated leaves. They expand the range of colors available in peony flowers and have exceptional pleasant fragrances. Intersectional Itoh peonies are prolific bloomers and always upright plants – never needing staking. They add a majestic touch to any flower garden or landscape. Like all peonies, they are long lived and can produce flowers for decades. Many of the Itoh peonies have over 75 blossoms per plant at maturity, with side buds providing an extended bloom. 

All peonies may be planted bare root in the fall or transplanted from a container in the spring or fall. We grow 40 varieties of intersectional peonies and offer many for sale online. 

Pictured: Watermelon Wine; Lollipop; Kaleidoscope intersectional peonies. 


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