American Peony Society - Award of Landscape Merit Peonies

The American Peony Society (APS) evaluates peony varieties worthy of their 'Award of Landscape Merit'. These plants are chosen for their superior qualities, including their overall appearance in the landscape throughout their growing season, as well as their reliable performance in all peony growing regions of North America. They stand up throughout the bloom season, not letting rain ruin their parade.

Some of our favorites are Bartzella, Coral Sunset, Garden Treasure, Little Red Gem, Prairie Charm, Topeka Garnet and White Cap. They all have magnificent flowers and their foliage is nice looking throughout the summer, into fall. Photos: Bartzella, Topeka Garnet, White Cap peonies. 

With the award still in its infancy there are many more peony varieties to be observed and selected in future years. The Award of Landscape Merit peonies can be found on the APS website.

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