Planning Ahead for Peony Flowers for May and June Weddings

Here it is January and I saw a gardening Facebook post today announcing “Only 75 days till spring!”  Wow. At first I thought that was cool – seems so close when they put it that way. Then I thought, heck, I’m still hoping to finish my fall work soon….

Others are thinking about spring, too. We’ve started receiving inquiries/orders for cut peonies for local May and June weddings and events. Last season we saw heavy interest in cut peonies. I guess the word gets out that you can purchase fabulous flowers straight from the farm. (I am often humored when I recall that I once offered to donate peonies to an event, and the woman in charge, said “thank you, but we want professional florist quality flowers”). I guess she didn’t realize that florists get their quality flowers from farms. You can’t get fresher flowers.


The photo of the bouquet was sent to us by a happy bride; the other photo shows buckets of our budded peonies in the cooler. 

The thing about peonies (besides their exquisite beauty) is how easy they are to decorate with. You can have a florist arrange them, or you can do it yourself. They are stunning in arrangements and bouquets; or, by themselves with only a few large flowers filling a vase. 

Brides (and Grooms) who want peonies in their wedding décor are wise to start the hunt early (especially if they want a specific variety). When they are flexible with shades or mixed varieties, it is easier to fulfill their requests. Nothing is lovelier to hear than a bride exclaim “I want peonies – ANY KIND and I will be happy”. We love it when they come to the farm with their Mothers or bridesmaid parties to see what they are going to have in their wedding. Some scout it out a year ahead.  Others know what they want years in advance.

A few years back, a young woman visiting during bloom season announced that she was having peonies at her wedding. I asked when she was getting married and she said “I don’t have a boyfriend yet; but, when I get married, it will be during peony season – it’s non-negotiable.”

Peony season is in May and June in Oregon and most of the country (Alaska is July); so that is when cut peony flowers are most plentiful for weddings. Keep that in mind if you must have peonies for a wedding. We offer fresh cut peonies at our farm during bloom season. Plan early and think spring now.

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