Feed Your Soul with Peonies and Iris

Mother’s Day weekend on our farm could not be more spectacular with bloom this year. Both the peony fields and the historic bearded iris gardens are brimming with flowers this week.  As soon as we cut and bundle a few hundred peony blossoms for bouquets, it's out to the field for another wheelbarrow load to fill our fresh cut flower tent.

Annie, Sam, Rita, Joe, Carmen and other family members and friends are pitching in with extra pizzazz this season. The peonies are coming on strong and we are blessed with great family and friends. Seeing our smiling visitors lifts our spirits and energizes us. It’s wonderful to see so many returning customers and new visitors each day. We never tire of hearing your wonderful comments on our ‘Amazing’ gardens or your thrill at discovering a new peony.

Stop by and feed your soul with the beauty of the flowers. 


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