Peonies in Oregon - In April!!


While our peony season is just getting started, many of the Itoh intersectional peonies are blooming: Callie's Memory, Cora Louise, Chief Black Hawk, First Arrival, Julia Rose, Kopper Kettle, Magical Mystery Tour, Prairie Charm, Scarlet Heaven, Singing in the Rain, Watermelon Wine, Yellow Heaven, Yellow Heaven are looking gorgeous. Many are available in containers or to order bare root for fall planting. Now is the time to see them in bloom to pick your favorites.

The corals are opening – Coral Supreme and Coral Sunset are blooming just ahead of our Coral Charms this year. Red Charm has a few blossoms (usually May 12 or so). Flame and Paramount are two very bright peonies that are blooming now. I cannot get over the beauty of the peony bushes this year – they look more wonderful than ever, if that is possible.

The wisteria in the iris garden is in spectacular bloom. No, those aren’t blooming conifer trees on either side of the arbor, it’s our ‘wisteria gone wild’ that so many visitors are enthralled with.

We invite you to visit our farm during the peony and iris bloom season – the early peonies are blooming over two weeks ahead of ‘usual’ this year.

Hours are 10 am – 6 pm, daily through June 15, 2016. Potted peonies, cut flowers and bouquets are for sale at the farm. Cut peony flowers may be ordered for April and May weddings and events (picked up at the farm).

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Brooks Gardens, an Oregon peony farm & iris garden located at 6219 Topaz Street NE, Brooks (or Salem), Oregon, 97305. We are just over one mile north of Brooks, OR (between Woodburn and Salem, off of 99E) and 30 minutes south of Tualatin, Wilsonville and Canby, OR. About 40 minutes south of Portland, OR.

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