Intersectional Peony Plants are Easy to Grow and Produce Absolutely Stunning Flowers

Who doesn't love the intersectional peonies? These beautiful peonies are also referred to as Itoh peonies (after Toichi Itoh, the first successful breeder of these hybrid crosses between a tree peony and a bush peony). 

Their flowers display the traits of their tree peony parent - big, exquisite and beautiful. Most have very pleasant fragrances.  The intersectional peony plants grow as bush peonies. Like other herbaceous bush peony plants, the stems are cut down to ground level each fall and new growth emerges again the following spring. Their serrated foliage contributes to their exceptional landscape qualities. They are disease resistant; and, like other peonies - deer resistant, easy to grow and long-lived perennials.  

The roots of an intersectional peony can be planted a bit deeper than regular herbaceous peony roots. The roots have a different appearance than other peony roots. They generally have eyes (buds) at the crown and along a woody stem or two. The roots are below and/or to the side of the crown. Intersectional peony roots will be placed downward into the planting hole with the woody stem angled just below ground level. Cover the roots in the planting hole with soil and also cover the woody stems with about two to three inches of soil. 

Browse our Intersectional Itoh peonies available for planting this fall. We have some beautiful intersectional peony roots with ample eyes, including: Al's Choice, Bartzella, Berry Garcia, Border Charm, Callie's Memory, Cora Louise, Chief Black Hawk, First Arrival, Garden Treasure, Julia Rose, Lemon Dream, Lollipop, Old Rose Dandy, Pastel Splendor, Prairie Charm, Scarlet Heaven Singing in the Rain and a few others. Intersectional peonies are stately in any garden.

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