Our Peony Farm this Week - Blooms and Visits

What a peony bloom season we are having this year. The weather has been warmer than we usually experience in May, which brought out a lot of bloom the past two weeks. 

There is plenty of bloom in the fields and we display earlier blooming varieties in vases for easy comparison of colors and flower forms.

My blogging slowed down this season, as the demand for cutting flowers increased.  That impacted my story sharing with you – of the many customers and visitors who delight us with comments of their thrill of visiting our peony farm.

Many are intrigued by our ‘winding road’, wondering if they will really see peonies and iris at the end of their short journey from the highway. As we are secluded (just ½ mile) from 99E, their wonderment increases as they drive down Topaz Street to our peony farm.  Their delight is evident when they pull up to the field for the first time.  Being surrounded by ‘nature’ is something many people just don’t have the opportunity to experience very often. When they return a second and third time or share their visit with their friends via Brooks Gardens facebook, we know they were captivated at what they saw.

The little kids always spot the John Deere peddle tractor, which has become a photo opportunity for the families. Their faces light up as they sit on it or peddle it on the grass. They are in shear heaven.

We continue to receive a lot of comments/questions on why we have so many peony plants in full bloom that stand up through wind and rain. I tell them there is a little something we do – we select and grow a number of upright peony varieties that have the stem strength and genetics to remain upright. We also have some of the heavier flowering blossoms that do benefit from staking, as they are so hard to resist.  If you are looking for a peony plant that will withstand a good dose of rain and thundershowers, I listed a few in a previous blog.  When you visit, you can see them in our peony fields.

Our potted peony plants in containers are ready for spring or fall transplanting.  Bare root peonies can be ordered for fall planting.

Drive on out and see what’s in bloom today!

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