Memorial Day Weekend at Brooks Gardens Peony & Iris Farm

It's a great Memorial Day weekend, with lots of peonies blooming in the fields. Buckets of cut blooms are ready under the cut flower/bouquet tent. The display tables are filled with peony blossoms of dozens of varieties for quick comparison on flower forms and colors. 

Many of the lovely scented peonies are blooming this week, with many varieties available in containers. We also take orders for bare root peony plants to be shipped in the fall. 

We continue to receive daily comments on our upright peony plants and questions on why they stand up so well. It's because we have selected a number of varieties that are upright through most weather conditions and that is their growth habitat. We also have some of the beautiful varieties that need a little support - their blossoms are too hard to resist. 

Our iris garden is thrilling visitors with the 'natural' setting, as they often refer to it. They love walking the pathways, wondering what treasure they will see around the next corner. There are still plenty of iris in bloom. 

Here's to a fabulous weekend - enjoy it! 



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