An Oregon Garden Club Treasure

We were greeted to a glistening, frosty ground cover yesterday as spring officially arrived. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve had some great ‘garden weather’ days over the past few weeks, interspersed with some ‘good dose of rain’ days. The peonies and iris are moving along with their spring growth. Most of the plants are still small in stature, but some of the leaves are unfurling and a few of the early bloomers are sporting their flower buds.

Earlier this week I had the honor of speaking about growing peonies to the Oak Grove Garden Club (Milwaukee-Oak Grove, OR). Not only are these active club members superb hosts, they also have their very own river front park, Risley Landing Gardens in the Milwaukee-Oak Grove area on the Willamette River.

If you live in the Milwaukee-Oak Grove area, you might want to check out Oak Grove Garden Club  Their website is filled with club information; the rich history and goals of their park; making rental reservations for park use and becoming a contributing supporter. It sounds like an Oregon treasure to me.

Here’s to spring - happy gardening!


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