A Great Day with the Pacific Northwest Peony Society

The Pacific Northwest Peony Society’s annual meeting was last Saturday, March 8th in Wilsonville, OR. As usual, it was a peony gardeners’ delight. There were informative presentations on starting peonies from seed (Bob Johnson); weed control and marketing ideas (Adelman family) and an overview of our Society’s new website. Kady Adelman welcomes member input and photos for the site.  

Our President, Carol Adelman welcomed members and noted that we had a number of American Peony Society (APS) board members present: Eleanor Tickner, Don Hollingsworth, Piet Wierstra, Lore Sampson and Carol. Al Rogers, founder of our local society was able to stop by, too. What an honor! Between these folks and all of the other attendees, the breaks were filled with greetings and peony talk.

The day went by too quickly, ending with our spirited fundraising auction. The proceeds are used to promote peonies and information on peony gardening to the public. Members Jim and Lore Sampson have been organizing our very successful auctions for quite a few years now. If they started a ‘Peony Wars’ television show, it would be an instant hit; because, there isn’t much else that provides the Wow factor that a peony does when 3 or 4 members want it.

I have been a member for 12 years, and this is the 2nd meeting I have attended that I did not take the minutes. After the first meeting I attended, I was asked if I would be secretary. And so, it began. This was the 2nd time in 12 years that I have sat and enjoyed the annual meeting without needing to zero in on who said what and who made that motion. I appreciate the time and work that goes into planning and running an event and feel ever so slightly guilty that I didn’t do any of it this time – just enjoyed every minute. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this fine event. Job well done!

If you’d like to hang out with peony lovers or learn more about peonies, check out one of the peony societies in the U.S. (or other countries). The American Peony Society has links to U.S. societies and the Canadian Peony Society.


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