Japanese Style Peonies

What is a Japanese style peony?  A simple definition: they have an outer row of guard petals with a ‘tufted’ center, often in a contrasting color.  They are sometimes referred to as anemone style peonies for comparison. Many stand up well through wind and rain; their fragrances can be incredible.

The Heartland Peony Society offers the following information on the peonies referred to as Japanese style:  ‘Japanese Peonies are next in the process of doubling above the normal single form. They include varieties in which the pollen bearing stamens have become more or less transformed into staminodes or narrow petaloids, showing vestiges of the yellow of the anthers. The partially transformed stamens may carry a trace of pollen, but are usually not pollen bearing. The name of ‘Japanese’ is somewhat misleading inasmuch as the varieties of this class are not necessarily of Japanese origin; but, because the Japanese people have long admired this type of peony, the name has come to be used to designate the class.’

Here are some Japanese style peonies – we just call them beautiful.

Bowl of Beauty  


Glenny Carlene  

Leslie Peck  

Mandarin’s Coat  


White Sands  

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