Peony seedlings produce new peony varieties. We let some of our peonies produce seed and collect it when it is ripe at the end of summer or early fall. The little patch we direct seeded in the fall of 2018 produced some stunning flowers this spring. Our seedlings average first bloom at year 3 (Oregon, USDA zone 8b) and we've had a few bloom year 2. The fall, winter and spring rains keep them moist, then we water every few weeks in the summer. Growing conditions vary around the country and it may take several additional years to flower in some areas. 

Where to buy peony seed?

We sell peony seed in the fall.

Also, check out The American Peony Society seed program, where members can purchase peony seed for a small fee. Please consider joining the American Peony Society.  I find it is well worth the membership dues, as they send out a fabulous quarterly peony magazine; host an annual convention/flower exhibit; host peony root auctions; offer the seed distribution program; and, other benefits to peony gardeners and growers. Check them out!

These are some of our seedlings blooming for the first time in 2021:

     seedling peony 2021     Brooks Gardens peony seedling    peony seedling  peony seedling Brooks Gardens   

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