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Our 2017 bare root peony catalog is now available online. While we ship peony roots in the Fall (beginning September 1st), you can start browsing now. Ordering early reserves your choice peonies. 

As always, we guarantee our roots. We want you to be successful in growing these beautiful flowers.  Click here for our 2017 peonies


As I dig and divide peonies this fall, I sometimes discover a more ample supply of some varieties and add a few to the Brooks Gardens online peony catalog.

   One such beauty is ‘The Fawn’. It has an amazing flower   form and color. The pink petals are covered in tiny, darker pink dots. I understand the hybridizer B. B. Wright named it so, as a baby deer, a fawn, is covered in spots. When this one blooms, I want it all to myself. 

   I also added a few ‘Campagna’ peony roots. Pure white petals surround a golden center in cup shaped flowers. One of the earliest peonies to bloom each spring, they are one of hybridizer A.P. Saunders great creations.

   'Kelway’s Glorious', known to many as one of the most fragrant varieties is a true heirloom peony. The double, creamy white flowers have occasional crimson red edging. They’ve been a world-wide favorite since being introduced by Kelway in 1909.

   I also added a few 'Sugar ‘n Spice' (Rogers) peonies. The unique salmon-pink color is a real eye-catcher and an early season peony. The huge flowers and broad leaves make quite a garden statement.

I may add a few additional peony varieties as the fall progresses, so check in and browse the offerings now and then.

Bare root peonies are being shipped now and throughout the fall, the perfect time to plant peonies.  

Our 2016 bare root peony catalog is now online. These roots will be shipped during the 2016 fall planting season. We have a few new varieties, as well as the return of some old favorites that haven't been offered for awhile. Take a look. 

As always, we guarantee our roots and aim to please you with robust plants. You can always contact us if you are looking for a special peony variety - we have many in small quantities that are not listed in our catalog. We grow over 350 varieties of peonies and they can all be seen blooming at our Oregon farm during the May - June bloom season. 

Here is a photo of the peony 'Kansas' - a big double, rosy-red that has been a favorite since 1940. It was awarded the Gold Medal by the  American Peony Society in 1957.

With the official start of winter upon us, we can get our peony fix by browsing the beauties online. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy your holidays. 



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