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Yes!!  We have peonies for the weekend (WHEW!). It's been touch and go for the early peonies to bloom this season; but, they are coming along. The cool, wet spring delayed the start by about 5 to 6 days; then we had two days of heat to warm things up. We are still in the early season, with mid-season peonies just starting to show color. 

We will have Coral Charm peonies for Mother's Day, as well as an assortment of mixed peony arrangements in vases and bouquets for purchase at the farm - rain or shine. 

peony bouquets at Brooks Gardens Oregon farm    Coral Charm peonies  peonies at Oregon's Brooks Gardens

The Itoh (intersectional) peonies are starting to peak out of their sepals - Magical Mystery Tour, Callie's Memory, Julia Rose and others are either sporting a few blossoms or about to dazzle us in the next days. Lemon Chiffon and Prairie Moon, the two big, fluffy yellows are teasing us; and, I have even cut a few open blossoms for bouquets. So many varieties are just waiting for the right moment to pop open.

While we will have cuts for Mothers Day, we still are in the very early bloom stage, with much more to come in the next weeks. I anticipate our peak bloom will be after May 20th this year. With the weather fluctuating, it's anyone's guess at this point.

Our iris garden is starting to fill with fragrant blossoms and the 'wild wisteria' is in full bloom - alluring visitors to return for the sole purpose of seeing it again this year. It's an amazing backdrop for photos. 

Drop by the farm to see what's in bloom or to pick up a peony plant or bouquet. Bring your friends and delight them with a visit to Brooks Gardens. After 17 years, we are still touched to hear first time visitors express such delight at 'finding this hidden gem' tucked at the end of Topaz Street. A woman who visited for the first time last year, returned the other day and brought her friend, who stood in the iris garden and exclaimed "I have never, ever in my life been in such a place as this - it is so beautiful and amazing".

Stop by and be amazed. For those of you who can't make it to the farm, you can order peony roots online for fall planting and grow your own dazzling garden.


Directions: Brooks Gardens (Brooks, Oregon) is the hidden peony farm & iris garden just north of Brooks/Salem, Oregon at 6219 Topaz Street NE, Brooks, OR 97305.  From I-5 take exit 263; drive one mile east to Brooks; turn left (north) onto 99 E; one mile to Topaz Street. Follow the purple Peonies & Iris signs.

From Woodburn, drive about six miles south on 99 E to Topaz Street.  We are about 40 minutes south of Portland, Oregon; 30 minutes south of Canby and Wilsonville.  

Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

We have some great peonies at the farm, ready to take home and transplant this spring. The weather is just becoming good 'gardening weather' here in the Willamette Valley after a wet early spring. It's nice to see we are into a drying trend now. 

We have a number of blush, pink, red, white, yellow and bi-colored peonies (some in containers; some available to order for fall).

Some of the spectacular red peonies available in containers include:

Chief Black Hawk (Itoh) Itoh peony Chief Black Hawk

Christmas Velvet  Christmas Velvet peony

Karl Rosenfield  

Little Red Gem (fern leaf) fern leaf peony Little Red Gem


Many Happy Returns red peony Many Happy Returns


And, the beautifully unique peonies: 

Lois' Choice  Lois' Choice peonies

P. delavayi lutea  P. delavayii peonies

White Innocence  peony White Innocence

Stop by and see what we have that will look great in your garden. Easy planting instructions provided. 

Brooks Gardens peony farm (and iris gardens) is located at 6219 Topaz Street NE, Brooks (or Salem), Oregon, 97305. We are just over one mile north of Brooks, OR (between Woodburn and Salem, off of 99 E) and 30 minutes south of Tualatin, Wilsonville and Canby, OR. About 40 minutes south of Portland, OR.

Directions to Brooks Gardens

Follow our purple Peonies & Iris signs in the area. Telephone: 503-393-7999.

Open daily from 10 am - 6 pm now through June 10, 2017. 

Well, we are still waiting for all of the early peonies to bloom; it won't be long. After two 80+ degree days and drizzles today, they will be popping open over the weekend. 

The species peonies, such as P. mlokosewitschii, obovata and villosa have been blooming for some time, as well as the fern leaf varieties. Honor, Athena, Campagna, Nosegay, Roy Pehrson's Best Yellow, Rosea Plena, Serenade, Silver Dawn Mix, Sugar 'n Spice and a few seedlings are blooming, too.

Making just the perfect peony bouquet yesterday, I was able to cut some loose buds of Abalone Pearl, Carina, Coral Sunset, Prairie Moon, Red Charm and a few more. I am just waiting for those Coral Sunsets next week. That Grandma in Arizona is going to love it when her grand kids step off the plane with it. 

Coral Sunset peony flower  Red Charm peony  

Stop by for a bouquet or potted peonies today - and spread the word that the peonies are arriving!  

While we open our farm for the season today, the iris gardens and peony field will be waiting another week to start dazzling us. With lots of sunshine predicted in the coming week, the bloom should be popping by next weekend. This week, I estimate that less than 5% are in bloom - and, that may be a stretch.  

We are running a few days behind a 'normal' bloom season this year. Last year we were nearly 3 weeks early. Usually our peak bloom is mid-late May; and, I expect that this season. Of course, weather rules and I will keep you posted on the bloom progress every few days. 

We do have the best selection of potted peonies early in the season; and they look great this year. 

Oregon Peony Fields & Iris Gardens

We open the farm for visitors April 29th through June 10th this year. Plan a visit to see the bloom, pick up a bouquet or buy peony plants to transplant this spring.

Every spring we anticipate and wait for the peonies to bloom – it’s what our world revolves around here on the peony farm (that, and dig season in the fall). And, it’s coming soon.

The early varieties are budded up, waiting to unfurl and dazzle; and, once we start getting a few sunny days, the peony procession begins.

While peonies are our specialty, we also maintain one of the Northwest’s largest historic bearded iris gardens, blooming at the same time as the peonies. You can walk the peony fields and stroll through the adjoining historic iris gardens, to get your fill of beautiful, fragrant flowers. The iris gardens are filled with over 1,000 varieties dating from the 1800’s through the late 20th century.

We started the peony farm in 2000 and now grow over 300 hundred varieties, including old fashioned and newer hybrid peonies. We offer over 100 varieties for sale in containers – ready to transplant this spring. We also offer additional varieties for fall planting in our online peony catalog; or, you may order here at the farm.

Peonies come in a range of colors, flower styles and plant habitats. Some people choose peonies based on the flower form; others zero in on the foliage; and, some are allured by fragrance. A great thing about peonies is that they are perennials – plant them once, and they bloom every spring. They can live in the same garden spot for decades without needing divided.

We’ll help you with selecting your style of peonies and give you planting tips for success on growing these easy-care plants.

Plan a visit this spring, and see what your favorites are. Bring your friends, share the good news – peony season is coming soon!

Hours are 10 am – 6 pm, daily April 29 - June 10, 2017.

Brooks Gardens, an Oregon peony farm located at 6219 Topaz Street NE, Brooks, Oregon, 97305.

Directions: I-5 exit 263, go 1 mile east to Brooks, OR; left (north) at light onto 99 E. We are just over one mile north of Brooks, OR (between Woodburn and Salem, off of 99 E).
We are about 30 minutes south of Tualatin, Wilsonville and Canby, OR. About 40 minutes south of Portland, OR. Follow our purple Peonies & Iris signs in the area.
Find us on Facebook; Instagram and Twitter @brooksgardens

Here we go – our 16th spring of flowers at Brooks Gardens. It’s the earliest start to peony and iris bloom season we’ve had. We open the peony fields and iris gardens tomorrow, April 22nd.

While the early varieties are blooming, many are budded up, ready to open over the next week. Today I cut Abalone Pearl, Chief Black Hawk, Command Performance, Coral Sunset, Coral Supreme, Joker, Kopper Kettle, Lavender, Lemon Chiffon, Magical Mystery Tour, Prairie Charm, Prairie Moon, Red Charm, Rosea Plena, Rubra Plena, Salmon Dream and Villosa to store in the cooler for display later in the season. I held off cutting Coral Charm buds; but, I will cut a few of them today.


The plants look so beautiful and healthy – loaded with buds. We have over 140 varieties of peonies available in containers – ready to  transplant this spring. You may also order peony roots at the farm or on our website. Peony roots are shipped September-November for fall planting. 

We invite you to visit during our bloom season. Hours are 10 am – 6 pm, daily April 22 - June 15, 2016. Cut flowers, bouquets and peony plants available. Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @brooksgardens

We will also be selling peony plants at Artisan Amy’s Farmers Market at the Woodburn Company Stores (outlet mall) today from 3 pm – 8 pm.

Brooks Gardens, an Oregon peony farm & iris gardens is located at 6219 Topaz Street NE, Brooks (or Salem), Oregon, 97305. We are just over one mile north of Brooks, OR (between Woodburn and Salem, off of 99E) and 30 minutes south of Tualatin, Wilsonville and Canby, OR. About 40 minutes south of Portland, OR.

Peony & Iris Bloom Season 2016

With the ‘early spring’ we are having, we will open our peony farm and iris gardens to visitors on April 22 this year – earlier than our usual May 1st opening.  The farm will be open daily April 22 – June 15, 2016 from 10 am – 6 pm.


Potted plants, cut peonies and flower bouquets available.  We have over 140 varieties of peonies in containers, ready to transplant now. We also have many varieties available bare root, to plant in the fall. You may order bare root peonies online or at the farm.

Can’t wait till opening day?  Carmen and I will be here today, Saturday, April 16th for potted peony and cut flower sales: 10 am – 4 pm.



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