November is a great month to plant peony roots in most areas. No worries if you've had frost - peonies can be planted anytime the ground isn't frozen (hard to dig). Some folks even plant them under the snow (although that doesn't sound too fun). While planting earlier in the fall gives them more time to develop feeder roots, they are protected in the soil and catch up on root development as they mature.  

Plant them, let them settle in for the winter (they benefit from cold winter temperatures). Plant them with the 'eyes' (buds) just and inch or two below ground surface. The longer storage roots will be going down into the hole, with the 'eyes' near ground level. 

Be sure they are planted in an area with good drainage and where they will be over half a day of sun. They thrive in full sun. Too much shade and few blooms. 

Our peony root catalog is filled with a variety of choices. Order some today. We are shipping orders within a couple of business days of placement.  

All peony root orders will be automatically discounted 20% through November 2021. 


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