We are busy shipping peony roots and most of our early orders will be shipped within the next week. We will continue receiving peony orders and shipping throughout the fall. You still have plenty of time to plant peonies this fall, as October and November are prime peony dividing and planting months.

Peonies can be planted anytime in the fall when the ground is not frozen. Many gardeners wait until after the first frosts to cut back their old peony stems and to plant new peonies. With a lot of tender vegetable and flower plants, you may worry about the first frost; but with peonies, it’s the time to start something new. You can plant peonies right up until the ground freezes. Frost does not hurt peonies.

If you are waiting to plant peonies this fall, you can prep the planting area by spading up the soil, now.  It makes for easy planting when your roots arrive. Be sure to water in new plantings and keep slightly moist until the fall rains come.

For more information on peony planting and care, check out our Peony Planting & Care tips. 

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